Say Goodbye to Painful, Stuffed Sinuses with Just Few Natural Ingredients

Going through a sinus infection can be quite the struggle, but thankfully there are lots of ways that not only will help you get rid of these issues, but they are also natural as well.

Get rid of headaches, feeling pressure and pain in the sinus area thanks to these natural remedies that are going to make your life easier.

A sinus infection is called sinusitis. This stands for the inflamed sinuses and cavities.

If you’re experiencing sinusitis, you are going to have trouble breathing and will experience pressure and pain in around the sinus area.

This is how to see if you have sinusitis, thanks to some of the most common symptoms related to the topic.

Symptoms of Sinusitis:

Sinus pain

If you are experiencing pain around the nose, jaws and teeth area, as well as in between the eyes, this can be a sign of sinusitis, and you should speak to a professional.

Nasal Discharge

Often nose discharge that forces you to blow your nose a lot more often than on a typical day can be a sign of sinusitis, especially if the discharge is yellow or green.

Sinus Headaches

Feeling constant pressure and swelling in the sinus area is a sign of sinusitis.

Nasal Congestion

If you’re having trouble breathing this can be a sign of sinusitis since the infection can interfere with the swelling of the sinuses. Also, another part of this symptom is your voice sounding a bit stuffy.

Coughing and Irritation of The Throat

If you’re having trouble speaking, are constantly coughing, this could be because of the discharge that goes down in the back of the throat, which irritates the throat.  Try sleeping with your head a bit elevated.

Hoarse Voice and Sore Throat:

Because the drainage keeps irritating your throat, you might feel a little sore after the infection progresses.

If as said the disease progressed, you might have a bit of trouble with speaking as well, so make sure you speak to a professional if this problem continues.

Other symptoms include problems with a swollen forehead, confusion, double vision, having trouble catching your breath, and swelling or pain around your eyes.

However, an important thing to always keep in mind is to speak to a professional to be 100% sure on the real reasons behind these symptoms as well as your current health state.

How to Treat Sinusitis

If you spot the issues and start taking care of yourself on time, there might even be a chance of avoiding antibiotics. With this in mind, make sure to drink lots of tea and water. No coffee or alcohol, as well as any sugars.

Luckily, we have compiled a list of all-natural ways on how to get rid of a bad sinus infection. Below you can check out some of the recipes and techniques on how to do so.

NOTE: If you have a fever above 100 degrees, make sure to seek professional help just in case.

Firstly, before we get into the techniques of getting rid of sinusitis, watch the video below on how to properly massage and relieve the pressure and tension of the infection.

You can massage the pressure points of your face by moving your vomer bone thanks to stimulating these pressure points. This can lead to drainage and relief of the inflammation.

Press the area in between your eyebrows while pushing your tongue on the top of the inside of the mouth for about thirty seconds. For more, watch the video below.

Also, in addition to these techniques, you can take some apple cider vinegar twice a day and help treat the infection. This is how to make the mixture.



1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar

1 ½  water warm cups

Three to five drops of stevia (you can also use one tsp. of honey instead)


Mix the vinegar with the water. Place and mix the honey or stevia. You should drink this two times per day.


If you’re not a fan of apple cider, here are some alternatives for you:


Horseradish Spread

Mix a tbsp. of horseradish with a tsp. of olive oil and lemon juice. Make sure the radish and juice are fresh.


Eat with crackers and help relieve sinus pressure.


Ginger Compress

Ginger is an excellent ingredient to use and treat sinusitis.  Here’s what to do.


Add three slices of ginger root with two cups of water. Let that be on low hear about twenty minutes. Let the tea be for a little while until it gets cool.


Put a cloth in the water and let it soak in the liquid. After that, lie down and your hear should be elevated and put the piece of fabric on your face while you’re relaxing for about fifteen minutes.


Steamed Thyme and Peppermint

Three tsp. of peppermint and thyme that’s been dried in a bowl. Put water that’s boiling in the mix. Then, after all the ingredients have sunken in the water and have dissolved all their components, place your head above the steam and make sure you breathe in the refreshing smell. Thyme is good because it has antibacterial


Lemon & Garlic Tea

Take three garlic cloves with one lemon, half a cup of water and a full cup of water that’s boiling. You can also use honey according to your taste.


Take the lemon and half the cup of water with the garlic and blend the mixture till it turns into a smooth paste. Take it out and add the boiling water.


Cover the mixture and let it cool down for about five minutes. Put the honey according to your taste and drink it up to three times a day.


Natural Medication

Homeopathy is taking a different approach to treating health issues. This makes people have the availability to choose among various products in order to get better. You can look for natural remedies in different all-natural stores that sell natural food.


Check your symptoms and look at these meds next time.


Arsenicum Album

If you have discharge that is burning, very watery and has a thin consistency. If you are outside and it’s cold, this might even get worse.


Hepar Sulph

If you have discharge that has a bad smell, is yellowish green and has a thick consistency, you should use this medication. Your nose is probably inflamed and swollen, as well as red.



If your discharge is thick, yellow, and has a strange smell. If you blow your nose constantly and your nose feels like it’s burning and raw. You also are probably experiencing sinus headaches. Cool air helps you feel better.


Kalium Bichromium

If you feel like there’s pressure at the base of your nose and the passages are stuffy, this medication is for you. Warmness makes you feel better whereas cold makes you worse.




Mercurius Iodatus

You should use this medication if your nostrils are with ulcers and you feel a lot worse at night. You discharge is probably greenish or yellow and even has blood as well.


Nux Vomica

If your passages get very stuffy if you’re outside and you get sinus headaches, this medication is what you need. You are also probably irritated by certain noises and light.



If your nose is stuffed and feels like it’s under a lot of pressure, you need this medication. Your discharge is probably yellow and thick. When you’re stood up your nose stops draining. Fresh air makes you feel better, as well as feeling warm.



If you get often nose bleeds, and are experiencing sinus pain, this is probably the medication for you. You are probably not experiencing smell properly. Warming up feels better.