4 Butt Exercises That Are Better Than Squats!! Shape Your Butt Into Perfection!!

Even though we all want to have a nice curved and firm buttocks, some of us have more trouble attaining that goal than others. Usually, this is because some of us don’t know the right exercises and simply rely on squats to get the job done.

But let’s face the truth. Squats are just plain terrible. One grows bored of them after as little as 10. And, more importantly, some of us simply aren’t able to do squats, thanks to knee problems and whatnot.

Worry not, ladies, there are plenty of other, more efficient ways of attaining your dream tush. Here we offer you 4 exercises to the butt you desire and deserve!

  1. Single leg glute bridge

The starting position on this exercise is you lying down on your back, with your knees in a bent position and the feet close to the butt. Now, just straighten one leg, making sure to tightly squeeze the glutes.

Proceed by lifting your butt and hips from the ground. Next, try lowering your butt as close to the floor as you can without it actually making contact. Of course, you should switch between both legs while doing this exercise!

  1. Hydrant with leg extension

Your starting position is on all-fours on the ground. Now try and lift one leg (it should stay in its bent position) upwards toward the ceiling. Proceed by straightening your leg and then pause, bend your knee and return to the initial position.

Repeat this exercise for 1 minute before switching between legs.

  1. Rainbows

Your starting position is once again on all-fours on the floor. Lift one leg upwards from behind you, while maintaining your core tight. Slightly cross your leg over the one that’s still planted on the floor. Lower your foot and gently tap the ground.

Then, lift it back up to its initial position before lowering it again to tap the floor. Repeat this exercise for 1 minute before switching between legs.

  1. Curtsy Lunges

Your starting position should be a standing one, with your feet about hip-width apart from each other. Place your hands on the hips. First lift one leg straight sideways and proceed by crossing it behind you.

Bend your other knee so that the extended leg’s knee touches the ground.

Now just straighten the knee and lift your leg back out. Repeat this exercise for 1 minute before switching between legs.